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Broker Simon Turner Shares Industry Insight


Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as we are? We’re in the midst of (another) spring thaw here so we’re hopeful the snow will be fading soon!

I’m so happy to share this interview with a long time friend of mine and seasoned broker in the superyacht industry: Simon Turner of Iconovista. I hope you enjoy!

You’ve been based in Singapore and the Med – how do the chartering trends differ here?

I guess the simplest difference would be that in the Med it’s a lot about utilizing the yacht, having fun on the water and visiting places of culture – sampling the wine and cheese and ancient cities.

In Asia, key locations quickly accessible from Singapore such as Thailand and Indonesia, its more about adventure. Exploring volcanoes, remote places, strange creatures, unknown villages. Not that the onboard hospitality is lacking and there are some clients who are there just for the party in places like Phuket. Neither in the Med is it just about consumption and fun, taking a volcanic mud bath on Stromboli is quite an experience!

Are you seeing any emerging destinations for 2018?

Yes indeed. We are getting more and more requests for the Pacific. Not the “usual” destinations of say Tahiti, but developing locations such as Palau.

Also there is a lot if interest in South America though it takes the right kind of charterer, the right yacht and the right plan, as facilities are not as developed in other places. But the rewards, sailing to the foot of one of the largest glaciers in the world in Chile for example, are simply wonderful.

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Indonesia has to be a favourite of mine. Most people don’t know too much about it. Incredible scenery, remote islands, crystal clear waters, amazing diving, incredible wildlife. A late night feast ashore with a camp fire, looking back to your yacht at anchor, is unbeatable.

Again it takes the right kind of yacht though there are some excellent charter operators there with great shore side support and experience.

Thanks again Simon for spending some time with us!

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